4 Reasons Why Timber Flooring is Perfect for Restaurants

Picking the best flooring material for a restaurant can be very tricky. It needs to look great day after day while still remaining both safe and functional – that's a tall order if ever there was one. However, timber flooring often offers the best solution, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Non-Slip

One of the most important things to consider when you're picking out the flooring material for your restaurant is whether it is slip resistant. What with the wait staff carrying heavy meals and expensive bottles of wine or customers walking around all the time, a floor that is easy to slip on is clearly going to cause problems, with anything from a ruined meal to a lawsuit possible as a result. Timber flooring is naturally very tough to slip on, and you can even have it treated with a non-slip varnish for added peace of mind.

2. Style

Timber flooring boasts a timeless appeal that can fit around almost any restaurant theme. Whether you're trying to create something ultra-modern or completely traditional, wood is going to work, and it won't look outdated in a few years' time. Timber is also wonderfully versatile, with a wide range of available colours, shades, and textures from which to choose. You'll even be able to select between different layout styles and plank lengths.

3. Easy Cleaning

You might find the most stunning flooring material in the world, but it won't work for your restaurant unless it is also very easy to clean. Drinks are going to spilt and crumbs are going to be dropped, but you'll obviously need to keep everything looking clean and tidy. Timber flooring makes that easy since it's a very convenient surface to clean, and it won't show up marks as easily as other materials. Unlike carpeting, nothing can sink into the fibres; unlike tile, there are no grout lines for crumbs to collect in.

4. Exceptional Longevity

One of the main reasons why people tend to turn away from using timber flooring in commercial projects is that the initial costs are often quite high. Timber is certainly one of the pricier flooring materials, but it's an investment that you'll be glad you made. Timber floors can last for decades if they are treated right, and they won't begin to look shabby during that time. Any scratches and dents actually add to their character, but you can always have the floor sanded and then retreated to bring it back to like-new condition.