Feeling Frustrated When Planning Floor Tiles For a Small Room? Here Are 3 Tips to Make it Easy!

Whether you're planning the new floor for your kitchen, your bathroom, or for any other room in the home, space can sometimes be a concern. Whether you're going to tackle the tiles as your next DIY project or you plan to have a professional take care of it, being prepared is important. Here are the top three tile tips to use when you're unhappy with your small space and don't want to make it look even smaller.

Bigger Is Better -- At Least in Tile Terms

It might seem odd that you'd need large tiles for a small space, but it's actually an essential design tip for small spaces. Larger floor tiles can create an illusion of spaciousness, whilst small tiles can make a small room feel even more cramped. One of the reasons for this is that more tiles equals considerably more grout. The multitude of grout lines required for small tiles mean a busy-looking and visually overwhelming small room. Larger tiles, especially those that are close set and require only thin lines of grout, can virtually transform your small room.

A Larger-Looking Space Is on the Horizon

Tile placement is very important when it comes to creating the illusion of a larger space. Opt for horizontal placement to trick the eye -- it can visually expand the room to a degree that might just surprise you. Vertically placed tiles can make the room feel crowded, although they might be capable of making the room feel a bit taller. Some floor tile contractors also recommend diagonal placement to homeowners who want to make a room feel larger. However, diagonal tile placement can be rather challenging and is best done only by the professionals. 

Light and Bright Means a More Spacious-Feeling Room

When it comes to colours or patterns -- whether paint, tiles or furniture -- darker colours can make a room feel smaller. Conversely, light colours such as white, creams and pastels can lighten and brighten up a space to make it feel far larger than it actually is. Try to keep the grout colour as close to the tile colour as possible. This prevents the tile from taking on a boxy look that could limit the spacious feel of the room. 

Ready to tile your way to a larger feeling room? Use the tips above -- or share them with your floor tile contractor -- to be sure that you get the more spacious room you want and deserve.