Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing New Carpeting for Your Home

Carpeting is a great choice for any home, as it's soft underfoot and helps to absorb noise and movement. Carpeting is also typically very affordable and quick to install, and it works well with just about any interior decor. Since there may be more options for home carpeting than you realize, you might note a few mistakes that you'll want to avoid when shopping, so you know you'll be happy with your choice of carpet flooring and that it works well in your space.

Not considering your lifestyle

You may have your heart set on a carpet with a thick and plush fibre, but this may not be the best choice if you have children and pets who constantly track dirt into the home; the longer and thicker the fibres of your home's carpeting, the more dirt they may trap in the carpeting. Delicate silk fibres may also feel very nice underfoot, but may wear down and become threadbare under heavy foot traffic.

If you boil a lot of water while cooking, this can mean more humidity in the home. Natural fibres might be more likely to develop mould and mildew, whereas synthetic carpet fibres won't trap and hold that humidity, reducing the risk of a carpet getting mouldy. Be sure you consider these types of details about your everyday lifestyle when choosing new carpeting, so it always looks its best in your home.

Thinking that cheaper is better

Cheap carpeting may be made of poor-quality material that is likely to fade or show stains before long. It may have also been made with a low-quality process, so that the material soon becomes threadbare and matted down. In turn, you may need to clean this carpeting more often, and replace it before too long, so that a cheaper carpeting may actually be more expensive to own and maintain over time than a costly but high-quality carpeting.

Neglecting the padding

Softer and thicker carpet fibres can feel more comfortable underfoot, but much of a carpet's texture and comfort is determined by its padding. Thick padding absorbs your footsteps, creating a quiet and comfortable environment, and also helps to make the carpet feel softer. High-quality padding will also help to repel water and other liquids, rather than absorb these, so that the carpet is less likely to develop mould and mildew. When choosing your home's new carpeting, don't overlook the padding, but be sure you invest in something thick and durable, for the best appearance and feeling with your new carpeting.