Follow These Guidelines to Help You Choose Your Ideal Floor Type

Your floor is the most important part of the construction because is the visible part of the foundation, which bears the entire weight of the house. There are many flooring materials in the market, which makes choosing flooring materials a challenge for many homeowners. One of the best approaches that you can take into the selection process is to think about the qualities that you want to achieve with the floor, and then pick the material which will match these qualities. Here are three qualities that your flooring material must have.


Changing the floor of a house is a huge investment and it is not a process which you can afford to engage in every five months or so. You have to weigh factors such as the prevalent weather conditions, the type of construction that you have and other related factors before picking a flooring material because when you pick the right material, you are assured that it will stand the stress of time, weather and external pressure. For instance, if you live in a humid environment or areas that experience a lot of flooding, wooden floors will be a headache because they will be prone to damages such as mold, rotting and disintegration.

Ease of maintenance

The floor is the first thing that visitors notice when they enter a building. A floor which has been properly maintained is easy to spot because it is always clean and elegant. When picking a flooring material, think about the recommended cleaning procedure, and see whether you have the time and finances to adhere to the standards. At the same time, think about the possible repairs and replacements in case of damages. Pick a flooring material that you can clean, repair and maintain without hurting your finances excessively.

Your lifestyle

Another crucial consideration that you need to make in connection with the flooring material that you pick is your lifestyle. If you have small kids who run around the house a lot, you may want to refrain from floor types such as marble because falls could lead to serious injuries. Similarly, if you have pets in the house, covering your floors with carpets will mean having to clean a lot of stains.

The most crucial thing to remember is that regardless of the flooring material that you pick, your choice in framing is what will determine how long and how well it serves you. Have experts assess your space and recommend the ideal framing materials and specification so that the installed floor can serve you for long. Talk to a company like Simon Home Timber & Hardware for more information.