2 Reasons To Choose Timber Flooring For Your Home

When it comes to interior design, there are few features that have as much impact as the flooring. The floor represents one of the largest surfaces in a room, and the material you choose plays a big role in setting the feel and style of the room as a whole. While there are many types of modern flooring available, timber floors remain and enduringly popular choice. Here are two reasons why a timber floor installation could be the perfect choice for your home.

1. Timber floors are highly sustainable 

Sustainability is an increasingly important credential for Australian homeowners when they're choosing materials for the home. This is due to a growing awareness of how consumer choices can have a positive impact on the natural environment. Including sustainable features is also a smart move if you're planning to sell because they are a strong selling point in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

Timber may not be a newcomer to the sustainable flooring arena, but it holds its own among the many new products that are available. Timber is a natural and renewable resource, and it's also completely recyclable. Also, as trees that create timber products grow, they absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere which helps to reduce pollution levels.

2. Timber floors are incredibly versatile

Another strong attribute of timber floors is their versatility. Some flooring materials, such as tiles and polished concrete, only appeal to a small number of people, while timber has a universal appeal among a wide range of demographics. Timber also has the chameleon-like ability to work well in almost every style of home and decor, from heritage through to ultra modern.

Timber floors also provide a wide range of looks to choose from. Natural timber ranges from pale ash through to deep, rich browns. You can also customise it with an array of different finishes, such as oil, wax, varnish and stains, which alter the texture, colour and gloss level of your flooring.

As a bonus, your timber floor can be changed and updated as your tastes and interior design trends change. With the minor and inexpensive project of sanding and refinishing the surface, you can create an entirely new look. This is simply not achievable with other flooring materials, which involve a complete replacement to change. If a new timber floor sounds like the perfect addition to your home, contact your local timber flooring specialists. They can help you to decide which timber variety and finish will be the best choice for your needs.